How to choose

How to choose

Choosing the right wedding producer and planner is very similar to finding the right partner for life. You would want someone who will be sensitive to your desires and needs. Someone who will know how to encourage you to pursuit your dreams but won’t be too imperious. Someone who will always know how to calm you, no matter how stressful the situation gets. Someone who knows how special you are, and set their goal on making your dreams come true, while he makes you believe that anything is reachable.

But how DO you find the right person? How do you know this is it? Here are the best tips that will assist you to choose your wedding producer and planner, and help you know you are on the right way to your magical evening:

· First of all – chemistry. You should feel that you can trust your producer and like you could tell them anything. If you feel comfortable with the planner, than you feel free to discuss all the important issues for the wedding with them.

· Assertiveness, not aggression – an assertive producer will fight on your behalf, but still won’t be aggressive towards you, so you’ll always have a say about things you want to be your way.

· Prices and quality – listen to the services that being offered to you. Check the prices for those services. Good producer will find the best offers for you, the best prices, but will never ask you to compromise on quality.

· Recommendations – check and read previous clients opinions. You’ll find important information in there, like: were they satisfied with the producer service? Was their night a success?

· Photos gallery – pictures and videos are the best way to get a good impression on the producer qualities. But that’s not the only benefit of them – you can also get an idea of the kind of wedding you want.

· Coordination – on the first conversation with the producer keep in mind to let the producer know about all the major things that you know for sure that you want and won’t compromise about. Tell the producer of your expectations of their services, and any special requests you might have. That way, from the start, it’s clear to the producer, as it is to you, what you want and how you want it.

It’s important to each couple to get a good and high quality service, professional and human, at a fair prices for a young couple, who’s starting living life together. There for, you’re invited to contact Perfect events and book a cost-free, first meeting. So you can get the idea of the services offered to you, with no stress and no obligation.

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