Perfect events company offers to produce for you the event of your dreams. The company team is professional and has a detailed knowledge of the dominant factors on the wedding field in Israel. To the company owner, hanny shwarts, a rich, verities and years long experience, which she muster in order to lead her team and produce your event, which right now is hidden in the back of your imagination.

The company will give you consultation and guides regarding the production of your wedding, the concept of the wedding, the bride wedding dress of choice, the design of the venue and any other thing which you’ll come to need advice on.

Throughout Perfect events company you’ll get access to all the vendors and professionals on our list, all of which, providing the best qualities. Thanks to the long lasting cooperation between the professionals and hanny, you get the best offers on the local market. Because pursuit high qualities, doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune.

The company team will lead your side, exclusively, on the day of the event, so they can protect your interests while dealing with the vendors. The team will make sure you are getting everything you were promised to get by the vendors, at the time, quality and amount it was declared.

In addition, the team will take care of the guests’ arrival and sitting arrangement, as was preplanned by the team and you.

In summary, the company team will accompany you from the planning stage – in which you’ll be guided through, to the day of the event – in which the team will take care of the guests to be set in order, the vendors to provide the services and the whole night to go according to the plan was set by you and the team, so the only thing you’ll have to do is enjoy your magical, dreamy wedding.